What's in the ultimate AMASS Vesper bundle:


AMASS Gin x 1 - with 29 botanicals, several of which are indigenous to Southern California. Layers of hibiscus, cacao, and lime leaf make this silky soft-nose gin complex yet versatile. Perfect for your cocktail concoctions.


AMASS Vodka x 1 - with marigold, chamomile, and lemon, celebrating the Nordic distilling tradition and the rich, vibrant history of Scandinavian drinking culture. A light, elegant spirit that pays tribute to Copenhagen's long summer evenings and longer winter nights, perfectly suited for a variety of cocktails and seasons.


Lillet Blanc x 1 - Delicious on ice with a twist of orange or lemon and a splash of soda, it's also brilliant as a cocktail ingredient. Low-proof and nicely balanced, not too sweet and not too bitter, it blends seamlessly with many spirits without overwhelming them.

AMASS Vesper Bundle